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Pro-Approach Pigment Science and Colour Theory is an in depth online educational programme which is split into 2 separate online courses ‘Pigment Science and Ingredients’ and ‘Colour Theory for Cosmetic Tattooing’. The courses are compiled of 25 chapters which you will find covered below. Upon purchasing you will gain access to a host of benefits including:

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  4. 2 Courses
  5. 25 Chapters
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Due to the popularity of the CT Supplies Perma Blend colour chart, we are launching an interactive colour chart hosted within the Pro-Approach online portal. This will initially include all pigments from the Perma Blend line with more brands to follow.

You cannot understand colour theory without understanding the science, this is why our Pigment Science and Ingredients course will provide you with a solid foundation for colour chemistry. You will learn about what colourants are used along with additional ingredients that go into making permanent make up inks. You will also learn how to read MSD Sheets and the difference between organic and inorganic pigments, with a focus on 2 of the most important pigments: Carbon and Titanium. This is the perfect course to gain all of the information needed before continuing onto our second course: Colour Theory for Cosmetic Tattooing.


Pigment Vs Ink
Auxiliary Ingredients
pH Value
Ink Regulations
Pigment Properties
Colour Index
Safety Data Sheets
Organic & Inorganic pigments
Carbon Black
Titanium Dioxide
Iron Oxide